Saturday, October 29, 2011

NES Assembly & Disassebly Tips

Remove cover, shielding, cartridge carriage and screws holding in the mother board. Position the mother board as in the photo below.

Remove the two screws noted in the photo above (click to zoom). The switch will come out easier if you actually remove the screws rather then just loosening them. Use needle nose pliers if necessary.

Use pliers to remove the plug rather then pulling on on the wires.

As you begin to reassemble, be mindful of the two most common mistakes illustrated below

Mistake #1 poorly routed wires. Be sure that all wires are away from screw holes and pinch points. If wires get crimped in reassembly you could sever power or controller connections.
Mistake #2 poorly installed cartridge carriage. The circled tab in the picture above is the on the under side of the carriage. The carriage must be slide in place so that this tab is on the underside of mother board. Failure to properly install the carriage can lead to the cartridge not inserting properly. The cartridge wont stay down when attempting to start up the NES    

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Custom NES Power Light

I've got a unique product I'm selling. I'll use this blog to provide information to customers.

Used board with NEW POWER and RESET button faces.

Red LED has been replaced with a new Blue, Green, Yellow, or White one.

It's pretty easy to install these.

The color is deeper in person then in the pic

$7.50 shipped to US. International will be a little more.